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Why Family Dentistry is Important

Oral healthcare is something we have to be invested in throughout our entire lives. From children to senior citizens, Garner Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, a dentist in Garner, NC, offers quality services for them all. Read more to discover why family dentistry is so important.

family dentist in garner, north carolina

Starting Good Habits Early

Children should start seeing the dentist when their first teeth begin to erupt. Getting children used to an oral healthcare routine and visiting the dentist while they’re young helps to make it a lifelong habit. It can also reduce the chance they’ll suffer from dental fear as they’re older. You can sit with them during their procedure and they can watch you get treatment to know that there’s nothing they have to be afraid of.

Age-Specific Care

Certain dental problems are more common in certain age groups. For children, they’re most likely to suffer from tooth decay due to a diet that normally contains more sugar. We’ll help highlight the importance of brushing, flossing, and a balanced diet. Dental sealants can also be painted on the cusps of the molars and other hard to reach areas for extra protection.

By the late teens and early 20s, patients usually have trouble starting with wisdom teeth. These are extra molars that our jaws aren’t developed to fully fit. They can cause issues with overcrowding and can cause pain if they become impacted. Family dentistry helps us to stay on top of the development of wisdom teeth so that we can see if they’re going to cause you trouble.

Seniors have specific dental problems as well. As we get older, the natural wear of our teeth and the number of years of staining can cause teeth to be discolored. Teeth whitening can help the smile look years younger. Seniors are also more likely to experience tooth loss. At our office, a variety of tooth replacement solutions are available.

Catching Problems Early

At our office, we strive to offer conservative treatment options to keep the most of your natural smile. This is easiest to do when an issue is caught early. The earlier a problem is caught, the easier it can be to treat. Family dentistry involves having regular dental cleanings and exams, making it easier for us to catch your problems ahead of time.

We use both our expertise and ever-changing dental technology to spot issues before you may even know they’re there. Dental x-rays are good at determining wisdom teeth placement and seeing if there are signs of tooth decay in hard to reach areas. We can also determine if it’s necessary to refer a child for orthodontic care, or if oral cancer is suspected.

Your Family Dentist in Garner, North Carolina

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