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Dental Bridges Garner, NC

Do you have a missing tooth or several consecutive lost teeth? Restoring the function and aesthetics of your smile can be accomplished with a dental bridge. Today’s patients enjoy customized dental bridges that are made using superior materials for a secure and natural-looking result. Dr. Angela Wingate provides customized dental bridges in our Garner dentist office for patients interested in our restorative dentistry solutions.

Dental Bridge vs Dental Implant: What to consider?

When replacing a single missing tooth, most patients can choose between a dental bridge or a dental implant. Both options will restore function and beauty to your smile, but there are key benefits when using a dental implant that can support aspects of your long term oral health and wellness. Factors to consider when choosing the right treatment can include:

  • General oral health condition: healthy and stable gums and bone structure play a key role in the long term outcome. Dr. Wingate will evaluate the condition of your oral health and make recommendations for addressing concerns before placing dental implants. There are treatments available for restoring compromised bone structure and addressing periodontal disease to establish a healthy oral foundation.
  • Stability of the restoration: dental implants offer the most secure and stable tooth replacement option, replacing both the lost tooth and the tooth root below the gum surface.
  • Long term facial aesthetics: the placement of a dental implant will help maintain the natural structure of your smile and your jaw because it helps to minimize bone loss. Without the use of implants, you may begin to experience facial sagging and changes as bone structure shrinks.
  • Treatment costs: it is important to consider the impact of the cost of treatment which will vary greatly from patient to patient. Dr. Wingate will provide a detailed explanation of the expected costs for all options for your consideration. Dental implants almost always cost more upfront but may be more economical long term due to the other health benefits they offer and the fact that there is no use of a daily adhesive.

The Dental Bridge Procedure: what to expect.

The process of placing a bridge will depend upon the use of implants or existing teeth as the anchors for the new bridge. When implants are placed the surgical phase will be followed by several weeks or months of healing, during which a temporary restoration will be placed. Dr. Wingate will explain the steps in your treatment plan and coordinate care as needed with a local oral surgeon.

Once implants have healed or existing teeth are prepared, dental impressions are taken and your custom dental bridge will be fabricated to your unique specifications. Dr. Wingate will place the bridge at a subsequent visit to complete your new smile.