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Implant-Supported Bridge Garner, NC

Dental implants offer the most advanced missing teeth solution today. Dr. Matthew Jenne and his team at Garner Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offer custom implant solutions for patients missing any number teeth. If you are missing multiple consecutive teeth, we can secure a custom dental bridge to dental implants. Dr. Jenne will customize an implant supported bridge in Garner, NC if you have at least two missing teeth.

implant supported bridge in Garner, NC

What is an Implant-Supported Bridge?

An implant supported bridge is a type of dental restoration that dentists use to replace several missing teeth in a row. The entire restoration is made up of three parts: dental implants, abutments, and the dental bridge.

  • Dental Implants: To support a dental bridge, you will need to have at least two titanium dental implant posts inserted into the jaw bone. They will also act as artificial tooth roots to help regenerate the bone tissue to prevent bone loss. Overtime, the dental implants will fuse to the bone creating a stable foundation for the bridge.
  • Abutments: Abutments are simply the connector pieces that attach to the dental implants. They help to connect the implant to the dental bridge. Each abutment will extend from the gumline and will help anchor the dental bridge in place. Abutments can be customized to accommodate various types of bridges.
  • Dental Bridge: The dental bridge is the visible part of the implant-supported restoration and the part that resembles natural teeth. A bridge is made up of pontics which are the false teeth. Your dentist will attach this piece to the abutments, creating a stable and functional replacement for missing teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridge vs Dental Bridge

While an implant supported bridge relies on dental implants for support, a fixed bridge relies on healthy, adjacent teeth. Your dentist will need to file these adjacent teeth down to create room for the dental crowns, which acts as anchors for the bridge. Taking two healthy teeth and permanently altering them as well as placing extra stress on them will make them more vulnerable to dental issues in the future. This solution also does not address the underlying bone loss. A traditional dental bridge can replace one tooth or several teeth.

An implant supported bridge relies on dental implants which are fused to the jaw bone. This will provide the bridge with exceptional stability compared to a traditional fixed bridge. The dental bridge will be anchored to at least two implant fixtures and no healthy teeth will be harmed in the process. This option is suitable for those with multiple missing teeth and offers excellent durability and aesthetics.

How many teeth can an implant-supported bridge replace?

Dr. Jenne can create a treatment plan with dental implants and a dental bridge to replace up to five teeth. However, the more teeth you need to replace, the more dental implants you will need to support the dental bridge. A bridge requires at least two dental implants for support. Maximizing the number of teeth the bridge and implants will support will reduce the total cost of treatment.

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