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Avoid Dry Socket After Oral Surgery

Tooth extractions are a last-resort treatment dentists use to remove a tooth with advanced damage that cannot be healed otherwise. A blood clot forms during the natural healing process over the site of the extracted tooth. When this clot becomes dislodged, a painful condition called dry socket occurs.

This situation requires further dental intervention to repair, so many patients take precautions to prevent this from occurring. Garner Family Dentistry, a dentist practice in Garner, NC, offers tips to avoid dry socket after your oral surgery.

prevent dry socket in Garner North Carolina

Practice Careful Oral Hygiene

One of the primary aftercare guidelines that a dentist recommends after a tooth extraction procedure is practicing proper oral hygiene. This keeps the site clean from excess bacteria as it heals which lowers the risk of infections and other dental dangers.

Because the blood clot is sensitive, you should be careful as you brush and floss your teeth so that you do not disrupt the clot. Your dentist can offer additional details about best practices when keeping your teeth clean during this recovery period.

Choose Soft Foods

Your mouth might feel sore when you return home after oral surgery and anesthetics have worn off. Soft-textured foods will be the easiest to eat as your mouth heals after the procedure, but they are also the best choice if you hope to avoid dry socket.

Hard, sticky, and chewy foods can dislodge a blood clot at the surgical site if you are not careful. The day after your procedure, your mouth may be healed enough to eat more solid foods, but you should return to soft foods, like yogurt or applesauce, if you notice any pain.

Avoid Sucking Through Mouth

The combination of airflow and muscle contraction involved when sucking through your mouth can cause a blood clot to dislodge from a healing site. For this reason, you should avoid drinking from a straw for at least one week following your tooth extraction procedure.

On a similar note, dentists also recommend that you stop smoking while you heal from oral surgery because the inhalation produces a similar sucking motion. If you stop smoking in the days leading up to your procedure, it may make it easier to remain abstinent during this healing period.

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