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The Oral-Systemic Connection

In the wake of the recent pandemic, many have avoided the dentist’s office in an effort to minimize the risk of exposure to others and potential infection. At Garner Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we have made every effort to make our Garner family dentist office a safe place for both patients and staff. We understand the very valid concerns that many have and emphasize the benefits that maintaining the health of your smile can offer in the fight to stay healthy.

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The Mouth-Body Connection

To fully appreciate the benefits of oral health care, understanding the connection between our oral and overall physical health is important. Our goal as a dental care team is always to educate our patients on the condition of their smile and how to care for it between visits. We also work with patients who have other medical concerns or conditions that could impact their oral health to avoid chronic problems. We strive to help you keep your teeth and gums in optimal health because we know that this also supports your overall health and wellness.

When oral health declines, it increases the risk for systemic related disease and cardiovascular disease. This is because the role of healthy gums is to prevent harmful bacteria in the mouth from entering the body via the bloodstream. This can set off an inflammatory response as the immune system kicks into gear. Recent studies have shown that advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis significantly increased a COVID-19 patient’s chances of complications, hospitalization, and even death.

It has become clear through many studies that while poor oral health does not cause other illnesses, it can lay the foundation for more severe symptoms as it impacts the body’s ability to fight infection effectively. The simple act of routine dental care twice a year can go a long way toward the prevention of other health concerns, and can also make it easier to manage existing diseases and conditions such as diabetes. Our dental care team is experienced and takes the time to understand the unique risk factors that each individual patient may have for dental problems.

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Let us help you keep your smile healthy so that you can enjoy your best quality of life! Schedule a dental appointment in our Garner dentist office and become a member of our growing dental care family. If you have concerns about your current health or questions about our infection control protocol, we welcome you to call our office so we can answer your questions. We look forward to seeing you soon.