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Reduce Sugar Intake to Protect Dental Health

From a young age, we learn that sugar poses a major threat to our smiles. When sugar reacts with saliva, it becomes acidic. The acid can then wear down your tooth enamel, putting your smile at risk of forming cavities.

Though you know you should avoid sugar, it is hard to adjust your diet without a plan. Your dentist can offer preventative dental care and advice to keep your smile looking and feeling its best. Read on to find tips from your dentist in Garner, NC on reducing the sugar in your diet and lowering your risk for dental problems.

avoid sugar to preserve your smile

How to Consume Less Sugar

Eliminate Added Sugar in Your Diet

To better adjust your diet, it is a good idea to first take an account of how much sugar you ingest regularly. You can keep a log of the foods and drinks you consume along with their sugar content.

With this list, you will likely spot certain items that you can cut from your diet right away. This will make a significant dent in the amount of sugar you eat and better preserve your smile.

Examples include soft drinks, ice cream, and packaged cakes. You can also stop using table sugar. Though you might enjoy adding a spoonful of sugar to your cup of coffee or tea, ceasing this habit can improve your oral health.

Adjust Your Recipes

When you cook for yourself, you have a great deal of control over what goes into the foods that you eat. Take the opportunity to adjust your recipes, especially when baking, to contain less sugar. You can cut half or even three-quarters of the sugar from a recipe without impacting the taste of your dish.

You can also try substituting sugar for other flavors, like vanilla or almond extract. Spices could also enhance the taste of your recipes in a unique way. Consider using cinnamon or nutmeg rather than sugar the next time you bake or cook. This could significantly reduce your risk for cavities and other dental dangers.

Prepare for Sugar Cravings

Reducing the sugar in your diet might result in you craving more sweet foods. It can feel tempting to cave into these cravings and consume more sugar. But if you prepare for this feeling and have alternative snacks on hand, you can better stick to your healthy diet.

Try reaching for dried fruits or nuts rather than candy or other sugary treats when you want something sweet. Acknowledging and preparing for these cravings does not admit weakness. Instead, it shows your commitment to adjusting your habits to preserve your smile.

Pay attention to the sugar content of the items you buy the next time you go grocery shopping. For more preventative dentistry tips, especially when it comes to your diet, schedule an appointment with your dentist. Good routine dental care and hygiene will also play a major role in keeping your smile healthy.