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Are There Side Effects with Dental Sedation?

Sedation dentistry refers to medication that addresses dental fear in patients of all ages. Modern dental advancements prioritize patients’ comfort in the dentist’s chair. So your dentist can provide several options to help you feel at ease about upcoming dental work.

However, some people hesitate about taking medication, even when they know the benefits of the treatment. Knowing more about sedation can help you feel more confident about pursuing this option. Read on to learn more about what you can expect from sedation dentistry treatment in Garner, NC.

safe dental sedation treatment

What Does Dental Sedation Do?

Dental sedation is a type of medicine a dentist can provide to induce a calming sensation in patients who feel anxious about undergoing dental work. There are several options for this medicine. You can talk to your dentist about whether you would like nitrous oxide breathed through a nasal mask or oral sedation via a tablet.

Nitrous oxide will begin creating a feeling of relaxation immediately while oral sedation will more gradually achieve this sensation. This helps nervous patients feel at ease and have a more pleasant experience in the dental chair. The patient will remain alert, though some people might feel relaxed enough to fall asleep with the oral option.

Sedation can also help patients with strong gag reflexes who find dental work difficult. Dental fear can often stem from the anticipation of pain. While sedation does not block pain, the dentist can provide anesthetics that will accomplish this. Talk to your dentist for more specific expectations about your sedation dentistry treatment.

How Long Does Sedation Last?

Some patients might feel concerned about how long the effects of dental sedation will last after their dentist appointment. The length of the treatment will depend on the type of sedation you choose.

Nitrous oxide will take effect almost as soon as you start breathing it, and the effects will fade when you start breathing normally again. But oral sedation has less control over the recovery.

You take the oral tablet about an hour prior to your appointment so that the effects are in place when you are in the dental chair. And then it can take four to eight hours to start to feel normal. It may be a full 24 hours until the sedation completely leaves your system.

So plan the rest of your day accordingly. Those taking oral sedation will need to arrange a ride to and from the dentist’s office in case they feel groggy.

Is Dental Sedation Safe?

Your dentist has the licenses and training to administer dental sedation in a safe and controlled manner to their patients. Sedation makes for a healthy option for dental patients of all ages, including children. However, a dentist will evaluate each patient to ensure sedation will suit their unique needs and medical history.

If you worry about side effects, you should discuss the treatment options with your dentist. They can clearly tell you what to expect to inform your decision about which dental sedation will work for you.