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Expectations from a Dental Crown

Have you sustained structural damage to your tooth? Whether you need to replace deteriorated enamel or need to restore a tooth’s shape after another dental procedure, a dental crown can protect and enhance your tooth.

This ceramic cap will cover the entire surface of the affected tooth and seal into place with dental cement for long-lasting oral health benefits. However, many people may worry about introducing a new fixture to their smile or undergoing dental work.

Your dentist can provide you with thorough details regarding your unique case when you schedule a dental consultation. But to feel more confident about this process, read on and find responses to frequently asked questions from your dentist regarding dental crown treatment.

Expectations from a Dental Crown

Does a Dental Crown Hurt?

A major reason that patients can feel dental anxiety is the anticipation of pain in the dentist’s chair. You might feel some slight discomfort when you receive a dental crown, but your dentist will help you manage this pain in their care.

The dentist can give you a local anesthetic that will numb the nerves near the affected tooth. Then you will not feel pain as the dentist works on your smile.

The dentist must remove a minute amount of enamel from the tooth to make room for the cap. But the anesthetic ensures you will not notice much discomfort during this process. Then the dentist covers potentially exposed nerves with the cap, which will stop the tooth from hurting in the future.

Some people may notice slight sensitivity in the tooth as the crown settles into place. But this sensation will fade within a few days. Severe pain after the treatment is abnormal, and you should let your dentist know right away if this occurs.

Can a Dental Crown Break?

Your dentist employs strong ceramic material for the crown along with cement to ensure this cap remains in place over your tooth. This durable setup allows for restorative advantages for your tooth that can last for fifteen years. But a crown is not completely indestructible.

Under high amounts of pressure, a crown could loosen, crack, or dislodge from the tooth. Then, the underlying tooth is exposed and vulnerable to further harm. So if this accident occurs, you should contact your dentist for emergency evaluation and repairs.

The abnormal pressure that can cause this accident can stem from an awkward bite or biting down on a hard item. So steer clear of biting fingernails, ice, or similar objects. Make sure you practice good oral hygiene to keep your smile healthy and therefore less likely to shift and impact the fit of your dental crown.

Will a Dental Crown Disrupt the Look of My Smile?

Some people worry that adding a dental crown will interrupt the straight, white, and even appearance of their smile. But dentists build crowns on a custom basis for their patients. They can match the size, shape, and color of the crown with their natural teeth to ensure an obtrusive and gorgeous finish.

Plus, the crown will resist stains, ensuring it will continue to look beautiful while it remains in your smile. Learn more about this treatment by calling your dentist today.