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Risks with Untreated Missing Teeth

Tooth loss may occur for a number of reasons, including impact trauma, advanced gum disease, and severe tooth decay. Even if the underlying cause of tooth loss is treated, your oral health may be at risk if you do not find a tooth replacement solution.

Your dentist may suggest a number of different restorative treatments, both removable and fixed oral appliances, for your unique dental needs. Dr. Matthew Jenne, a dentist located in Garner, NC, lists three oral health concerns that can develop if you do not seek treatment for missing teeth.

treat tooth loss in Garner North Carolina

Worsening Oral Functions

If you are missing teeth, you may notice difficulties in your usual oral functions, including chewing and speaking. These will likely worsen over time if you do not replace these teeth.

Your remaining teeth may shift out of place, and you could develop periodontal issues. Restorative treatment with dentures or dental implants can allow you to eat and speak normally once again. If you choose a fixed device, like an implant, you will also not have to worry about inopportune slippage out of place.

Weakening Jawbone Structure

When you lose a tooth, the tooth root is also absent. Your jawbone relies on your tooth root to keep it stimulated and strong. Without it, the bone can deteriorate.

With a dental implant, you can replace the missing tooth root and stimulate the jawbone again. This will stop bone degeneration and also encourage the regrowth of bone that may have already been lost. This prevents concerns such as the appearance of sagging in the face and jaw misalignment.

Decreasing Confidence in Your Smile’s Appearance

If you are missing teeth, you may notice gaps in your smile. While this will interfere with oral function, it will also disrupt the appearance of your smile.

Your smile plays a major role in formulating your self-esteem. If you are unhappy with the way that your teeth look, then your confidence can suffer. You can regain confidence in your smile by replacing missing teeth with a professional prosthetic.

Find Teeth Replacement Treatment in Garner, NC

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