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Do Protein Shakes Hurt Your Teeth?

Protein shakes are a type of beverage made from protein powder, fruits, milk, and other ingredients that can enhance its nutritional value and taste. These drinks make for great meal supplements to add nutrients to your diet and help build muscle. They can provide many wellness benefits, but they may also affect your oral health negatively if you are not careful.

However, you can fight potential dental problems from protein drinks when you know how to prioritize preventative oral healthcare. Read on to learn three tips from your dentist that will allow you to maintain a healthy smile while you drink protein shakes.

Do Protein Shakes Hurt Your Teeth

Get Rid of Gritty Residue on Your Teeth

When you consume a protein shake, you might notice a gritty film left on the surface of your teeth. The thick powder you add to these drinks can easily cling to your teeth, which can feel uncomfortable. But if you can feel residue on your teeth, then the lingering particles will also pose a threat to your oral health.

Bits of food like this will encourage bacterial production and spread in your mouth. Oral bacteria will eat away at your teeth, weakening them and making them more vulnerable to tooth decay and other serious dental issues. So you should ensure you get rid of this residue as soon as you can.

Brushing your teeth and flossing are the most effective ways to clean your teeth. But you do not always have easy access to oral hygiene supplies outside of your usual regimen.

Drinking water can rinse residues from protein shakes from your mouth, boosting oral cleanliness. Then you can promote long-lasting dental health and also fight elements that can cause bad breath.

Avoid High Sugar Levels

Protein shakes come in many different flavors. Because the powder in these drinks can feel thick or cloying, people tend to find ways to enhance the taste. Sugar can make these drinks sweeter and more appealing, but sugar also poses a threat to your dental health.

Sugar becomes acidic when it reacts with your mouth’s saliva. The resulting acid will erode your dental structure, increasing your risk of cavities, oral infections, and more dental concerns. Dentists can treat a cavity, but ideally, you should preserve your natural smile for as long as you can.

This means steering clear of dangers to your teeth, like excess sugar. Keep an eye on the ingredients in pre-made protein shakes so that you can avoid high sugar content that could hurt your teeth.

When making your own shakes, consider other ways to enhance the taste than adding sugar to the recipe. Vanilla and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon can make for healthier flavor alternatives than sugar.

Continue Good Oral Hygiene Practices

Good oral hygiene ensures that you keep your smile looking and feeling its best. But if you stick to a consistent and thorough oral hygiene regimen, your teeth can better resist potential threats from the foods and beverages in your diet, like protein shakes.

You can ensure your tooth enamel remains strong and less prone to dental stains and decay when you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Attend professional teeth cleanings to maximize preventative dental care. Learn more about how to protect your smile in relation to your diet by calling your dentist.